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Hear what our satisfied customers are saying about our car key service

Car Key Replacement Service in Toronto

James Regner

When I lost my car keys the other day I thought I was doomed. I was pretty sure I was going to get stuck towing it to the closest dealer and waiting on them to get the key replaced. One of my friends suggested Car Keys Specialists to me and told me they had used them before. I called them and they were able to come out to assist me in under an hour and had a car key replacement made for my vehicle quickly. Super affordable service I would recommend to anyone.

Ignition Repair & Replacement in Toronto

Alex Shires

I noticed a few times that my key was a little bit more difficult than usual to take out of the ignition upon turning my car off. The other day my key got stuck completely. I called Car Keys Specialists out to help me and they were able to do an ignition replacement service quickly and provided me with two new keys. I have no trouble starting my car or taking my key out now, thank you so much!

Remote Programming Service in Toronto

Sophia Rech

When my remote suddenly stopped working to my 2010 Nissan Altima I tried everything to get it working again. Youtube tutorials, changing the battery, you name it. Nothing worked. I eventually broke down and started searching online to find someone to help me. Car Keys Specialists stood out so I called them hoping for the best. A technician came out right away to help me and found that my remote needed to be reprogrammed. He programmed it for me and I had him make up a duplicate on the spot in case I ever ran into this issue again. I will definitely keep these guys in mind for any remote programming needs I have again, or any auto locksmith needs in general. You were great!

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Auto Key Programming in Toronto

Isabella Quill

I got in my car the other morning and tried to start it, but this little key light kept popping up on my dashboard. I called Car Keys Specialists and their technician told me it seemed like I needed an auto key programming service. He gave me a quote over the phone and set up the service time with me for after I got out of work. He programmed my key for me and now it works perfectly, thank you!

Motorcycle Key Replacement in Toronto

Noah Sheely

After two unsuccessful service calls with companies that had no clue what they were doing I finally got in touch with Car Keys Specialists for my motorcycle key replacement. The tech assured me he could do it, told me the price, and even guaranteed I wouldn’t have to pay anything in the rare event he couldn’t do the service. I was sold! He came out and did the service perfectly, I was back on my bike in no time. I appreciate the help and the affordability, thanks guys!

Mercedes Car Key Replacement in Toronto

Emily Nale

It’s nearly impossible to find a company that can assist with Mercedes car key replacements in Toronto. Half the companies I called either told me to go to the dealership or gave me ridiculously-high prices. I called Car Keys Specialists and was pleasantly surprised when they said they could help me out and provided me with reasonable pricing. The service took a few hours and in no time I had my baby back on the road. Thank you so much!

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